-Back to black-

Hey hey! Black again!

Black was the general theme of my project during the spring semester of my course. We were asked to design a garment inspired by color black, and i have chosen “Victorian Gothic” to be my theme.

Color black was a significant factor of inspiration for many designers, and as a basis color it finalized the history of fashion. I have chosen this theme, because of the extravagant silhouettes and costumes women used to wear in the Victorian era, that always fascinated me.

In the process to create my design, i used primary elements of fashion during the period, like the corset, the high collar, the crinoline silhouette and the exaggerated shoulders. Also, i got aspired by the techniques that were randomly used for fabric manipulation like pleats. For my textiles, i got inspired  from all the accessories women used to decorate their dresses and headwear, like bows.

The garment that i designed is separated in two parts, in the mini dress and the maxi skirt on it, in order to keep all that volume dresses had in the Victorian era. The maxi skirt is flexible, and gives you the opportunity to wear it also as mini skirt.  The fabrics that i used were leather, organza and tulle. I used these fabrics so as to retain the soft femininity and power.

We really all enjoyed this project! Have a look on the pictures below.

Until the next time,


Model: Thisbe Christou

Make up: Vaso Yiacoumi

Photograpy: Stelios Stylianou for Inception Noir Studios

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