-Shine bright-

Hey fellas!

I’m sorry for being absent for so long! I had a lot of things to do for my schedule, but now i’m back, and i promise that i will keep you updated about my designs frequently.

Regarding this post, we explore one of my favorite fabrics, SEQUINS! I can call it obsession, because i really can’t  get rid of them! You can match them in everyday life with jeans and sneakers, otherwise you can wear them at your special occasions for an eye catching outfit from head to toe.

The history of sequins counts a lot of years, and the trend of it had started in an Egyptian tomb. Going back centuries there’s Tutankhamun (1341 B.C.-1323 B.C.). When King Tut’s tomb was discovered in 1922, gold sequin like disks were found sewn onto the Egyptian royal’s garments. It is assumed they would ensure he had be financially and sartorially prepared for the afterlife.

Sewing precious metals and coins onto clothing wasn’t just prepping for the hereafter. In fact, the origins of the word “sequin” have always referenced wealth.

For my blog I designed three dresses, evening wear once again. The two fabrics that i had used, were made by a double faced sequin. The one is black, and from the other side is white, and the other is nude and gold. I fell in love with the specific fabric, because it is too sparkly, but it also gives you the opportunity to have two dresses at the same time. You can have it as a total white, total black, total nude or total gold. The other fabric is a midnight blue sequin, and i swear you can shine bright even at night.

Enjoy them below and get ready for a party.



Models: Ifigenia Pieridou, Elena Pieridou.

Make up: Olympia Hadjidemetri

Photography: Kypros Kyprianou for Studio 22

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