-My big fat green family-

Happy blessed new year 2017 everyone!! The merry year is born, and its aura can not let us stand off from the cheerful atmosphere.

Regarding this post, I will present you three evening sparkling gowns, inspired by the Medieval Age, worn by my sisters and I.

As I have not showed you my face before, I am the girl on the left, (look the family portrait), with the ombre hair. In the middle is my big sis and mentor, ‎and on the right is my mini me, my younger sister.

I was referred before about the Medieval Age. I wish I could live only for a day in this era and had the opportunity to wear the dresses and customs that women used to wear in this period. The Medieval Age is classified as the time between the fall of the Roman Empire to the beginning of the Renaissance, ranging from the years AD 449–1500.  When you think of medieval commoners, you probably think of people wearing brown and grey colored clothes. The truth is that in the Middle Ages, all classes of people wore colorful garments. I have chosen the emerald green as a basic color for my dresses, due to its a classy color, it was a primary color for womenswear at this age and of course it’s my favorite color!  The basic materials for the period were velvet, fur, silk, lace, cotton and taffeta. The elegant appearance of the women garments recalls that of the Greek and Roman women. Their dresses were at times so tight as to display all the elegance of their form. The dresses were heavy and luxurious, but yet romantic.  The ball gowns were the only dresses in this age that allowed for a deeper neckline and shorter sleeves.

Inspired by all these aspects I designed those dresses, and adjusted them in my personal style.


I hope that you enjoyed this fashion flashback too. I really can’t wait for more!



PS: Give a glimpse on my pearled headwear and  check the latest handmade jewelry from Bianca Makris collection. I love it!!

Photographer: Kypros Kyprianou for Studio 22

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