-Baby I’m golden!-

Hola amigos!

Here we are at the first post of my personal blog! After years spent on Pinterest and other different web communities about fashion, I felt like I had to move on and create a space for my own.

My name is Eliana Matheou, I came from Cyprus and I am 26 years old.

Before 3 years I bought my first Singer sewing machine in order to fix my dad’s trousers, and that was one of the reason that motivated me enter the fashion design field. At this moment I am trying to get my 2nd bachelor degree in fashion design and my blog will be an online portfolio of my projects during my studies and some of the garments that I design.
The name of the blog is “The golden circle”, and the reason I have chosen this name is to represent my logo. My collections will be branded as ‘’HELIANA’’, inspired by the sun God Helios, according to Greek mythology, as also by my name.

I hope that this step forward would involve you even more with fashion.

So join the circle.



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  1. Welcome! I love the name Heliana, it has such a great meaning. ~Olivia


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